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Your Customer Obsessed

Delivery Playbook

Your engineering team needs a playbook, just like a sports league or an elite operations unit. Build yours on a mature, proven foundation.

Customer Obsessed Delivery Playbook: Subway map

Everything you need

A complete delivery solution

The Customer Obsessed Delivery Playbook gives you everything you need to execute from ideation to delivery.

Organize, plan, and execute your project launch with confidence.
Protect customer goals and priorities using domain driven design and value stream engineering.
Adopt continuous integration and continuous delivery at every stage of your pipeline.
Integrate security, control process capture, and value stream feedback in daily activities.
Apply detailed stereotypes, templates, and methods for architectural designs and specifications.
Build your team's capabilities quickly with extensively documented, thoroughly tested resources.

Up your team’s game

Build your tailored playbook today, fit-for-purpose for your team, and start leveraging all the benefits of Customer Obsessed Engineering.

Don’t miss critical steps
Follow a proven roadmap, a step-by-step guide with guardrails. Build your product vision, core solutions, user journeys, and customer-driven foundation for success.
Decisions are clear, decisive, easier
Avoid second guessing and missteps. Build your user journeys, specifications and designs on a strong customer-driven foundation. Involve your customer at all the right points along your pipeline.
Move faster with confidence
Clarity creates confidence. Accelerate using a clear roadmap, with known inputs, and well-defined process that drives confidence, reliability, repeatability.
Establish consistency, repeatability
Don’t keep trying to reinvent the wheel. Execute a well-defined plan and deliver reliably, each and every time.
Collaborate easily
Gone are the days where teams “figure it out" on the fly. Leverage your playbook to streamline work. Each team knows exactly where the other is and what’s needed next.
Divide and conquer
Collaborating teams need to divide and conquer with certainty. Responsibilities are spelled out, even to the detail of what can be parallelized.

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