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Customer obsessed engineering

Prioritize customer value from ideation through realization.

Create high-functioning teams that obsess about exceeding customer expectations. Build insight and intelligence, expose gaps, and execute with precision.

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Stay focused

Keep a laser focus on what matters to your customer

Identify, protect and realize customer value. No customer misunderstandings or disappointments.

Expose gaps
in just 3 weeks using a proven 150 data-point maturity assessment dashboard.
Recapture value
“lost” with team-driven waste walks and hands-on solution architecture workshops.
Scale your team
at the speed your business demands.
Team working together

Deploy faster

Deliver with confidence. Every time.

Deliver with confidence. Put attention where it belongs, on creating value, security, reliability, and responsiveness from ideation to delivery.

Execute with confidence

Capture critical control processes to create reliable, resilient, scalable product deliveries. Safeguard your customer by integrating security and compliance into your architecture.

Deploy flawlessly

Optimize your product delivery. Automate your CI/CD pipeline to streamline deployment. Eliminate mistakes and delays with strong guardrails and safe landing zones.

Delight customers

Exceed expectations. Leverage a playbook that protects customer value. Steer delivery with obsessive attention on customer value and smooth product launches.

Product screenshot

Create visibility

Better insight, better outcomes

Create hyper-performing teams that obsess over delivering value. Use proven accelerators to get more done, fast, so your team can focus on the customer.

the right drivers and create impactful features with Value Stream Engineering.
Build insight and intelligence
and act on prioritized action plans to affect rapid change.
Build efficiency, reliability, repeatability
into the way your team works, creating continuous, consistent impact.

We’re changing the way teams work

Even engineering teams need a playbook, just like a sports league or an elite operations unit. Build your playbook on a mature, proven foundation.

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