The Weekly Review as an OmniFocus Project

Automation can be a wonderful thing when used right. With information overload at an all-time high (see Is Google Making Us Stupid) it’s a challenge to reap the benefits while avoiding the pitfalls. Systems such as OmniFocus and other GTD-oriented solutions can be hugely successful when adopted — and consistently used. Fraser Speirs has documented a handy OmniFocus tip to help “guide us” through the mundane wool-gathering tasks that we hate to bother over.

Memory aids

Good management needs good memory. That means being able to remember everything, no matter when you think of it: While I was at the beach getting ready for some ocean kayaking, it occurred to me that I hadn’t spoken with Chris about some new widget development concepts. I tap the screen on my phone, and say “remember to meet with Chris regarding the widget, first thing on Monday.” When I arrive at work Monday, my phone pings to tell me I’ve got a meeting with Chris. Sure enough, my calendar has me scheduled for 9:00am, Monday morning: “meet with Chris regarding the widget.” It’s not scifi. Take a look at reQall and see what it can do with Evernote and your smartphone.