So you think you’re following Scrum?

I have a prediction. If you take the Nokia “Scrum Test” you are going to score somewhere less than 7. That means you aren’t doing Scrum, you’re doing “ScrumButt:”

A ScrumButt is a sort of like Scrum implementation… but some changes that were too painful have been left out… Companies in this category tend to only experience moderate success with Scrum, i.e revenues up 0-35%. This is very different from the design goals Jeff Sutherland had for Scrum, i.e. to create hyper productive teams and hyper-profitable companies.

In 2005 Bas Vodde, agile pioneer and coach within Nokia Networks, created the original test. In 2008, Scrum co-creator Jeff Sutherland extended the test by introducing new questions and a scoring model. Today, Jeff works with openview venture partners to help investors make money by only investing in companies with state of the art software development capabilities.

The test itself is incredibly informative — and the results usually much more so. Merely answering the questions posed in the Nokia Test will reveal some obvious shortfalls in most Scrum implementations. But take care to answer honestly and objectively. It’s not a bad idea to make the exercise a team activity, reaching serious consensus on the answer to each question.

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